Buyer's Home Inspection
This is a full TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) inspection, covering the structural, mechanical and electrical components of the property. This inspection will range from the outside walls, roof and crawl space, if present, to the inside, the basement and/or the attic. Your built-in appliances will be inspected and operated to ensure they work properly, as will your HVAC equipment. Your final report will be made on the TREC approved inspection form and contain digital photos of some of the points of interest for clarification purposes. For further details, see "What Our Home Inspection Includes". For a sample report, download our "Sample Report" on that same Page.
Seller's Pre-listing/Pre-Sale Inspection
Inspecting your own home before the buyer's inspector does will give you, the seller, the chance to fix what is wrong or to prepare to adjust for what you choose not to fix. Trying to hide a defect, or just hoping that the buyer's inspector will not find it, usually results in embarrassing inspection reports that can and often do, cancel the deal. Our Pre-listing/Pre-Sale Inspection is a thorough inspection, and covers the same areas of the home that the Buyer's Inspection does. However, unlike the Buyers Inspection, the Pre-Listing/Pre-Sale Inspection is PAYABLE AT CLOSING. There is no upfront fee required and you may use the report as long as you have your home listed for sale. The fee is paid from the proceeds of the sale of your home. 
Warranty Inspections
Before your builder's warranty expires, a complete and thorough inspection report is the ideal tool to present to your builder to request warranty repairs. A Warranty Inspection is a full TREC type inspection, and covers everything that the Buyer's Inspection covers.
Home Check-Up Inspections
A home inspection every 5 years or so will help to ensure your safety and your properties value should you decide to sell. Small problems that are overlooked for years can result in major defects that can be very costly. Check-Up Inspections can catch these problems early, when the cost of repair is minimal. Unless otherwise requested, this is a full TREC type inspection.
New Homes
New homes are not without defects and should also be inspected to assure the quality and performance of your purchase. An inspection performed before you close on your new home can ensure that the builder has corrected all the defects discovered in their own walk-through inspection, as well as ensure the home has been built according to current code requirements. This is a full TREC type inspection as well, and will contain digital photos to help clarify the defects for the builder.
Phase Inspections
As you build your new home, Tex-Pro can verify the quality of each phase of construction through the following Phase Inspections: 
Phase I: Pre-pour and site inspection  
Phase II: Building rough-in to dried-in inspection  
Phase III: Final inspection prior to occupancy
Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Septic & Well Inspections
As a service to our clients, Tex-Pro has partnered with several quality affiliate companies who can perform these inspections for you, often at the same time as your scheduled home inspection. Tex-Pro receives no monetary compensation from these companies, and recommends that our clients deal directly with each company for payment. We offer this scheduling service strictly as a convenience to our customers.
Security Inspections
This inspection will identify weaknesses in your homes security and offer solutions to these problems. This service is offered free of charge. Tex-Pro receives a scheduling fee from the security company for this service.
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